January 2017

Churchman 1938 – A RARE full set of 50 Boxing Personalities cigarette cards…
Ref: ron-admin.4078
“Facchino’s reel-star album”…
Ref: ron-admin.4071
A large selection of Royal Adderley bird figurines…
Ref: ron-admin.4053
A ceramic hand painted fish clad in a brass jacket…
Ref: ron-admin.4045
A decorative cast metal sculpture of a camel with a female rider mounted on a red marble base…
Ref: ron-admin.4039
Enamel sign – “Royal Daylight Oil”…
Ref: ron-admin.4011
Wooden Hourse
Ref: P1.3994
Eastern Runner
Ref: P1.3989
Eastern Rug
Ref: P1.3983
Eastern Rug
Ref: P1.3977
Victorian Sunday School notice board
Ref: P1.3971
Victorian Over Mantle
Ref: P1.3965
Dreadnought acoustic guitar
Ref: P1.3959
Hohner Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar
Ref: P1.3953
Gibson Epiphone Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar ~
Ref: P1.3950
Electraic solid body guitar
Ref: P1.3937
Estern Rug
Ref: P1.3926
Enamel sign Albion cakes and meals Simmonds Hunt Montgomery Liverpool
Ref: P1.3911
George II fretted mahogany wall mirror.
Ref: P1.3853
Eastern rug
Ref: P1.3912
Spratt`s Patent Dog Cakes rectangular enamel sign by Spratt`s Patent Ltd. London
Ref: P1.3901
Unusual round mirrors
Ref: P1.3867
Church Pew
Ref: P1.3860
Vintage Red Telephone
Ref: P1.3843
Vintage Cream telephone
Ref: P1.3806
Who will be the lucky customer to snap up this wonderful bargain?
Ref: ron-admin.3826
George II fretted mahogany wall mirror.
Ref: P1.3799
Spirit of the wind by Desna
Ref: P1.3783
A beautiful oak cabinet of small proportions…
Ref: ron-admin.3763
Reproduction Yew wood four drawer chest of small proportions…
Ref: ron-admin.3756
Cased Opium Pipe with silver coloured decorated metal mounts on bamboo…
Ref: ron-admin.3742
Mahogany box with owners initials
Ref: P1.3730
Chinese lantern
Ref: P1.3723
Chinese lantern
Ref: P1.3716
Kitchen table (extendable) and four chairs
Ref: P1.3708
French print
Ref: P1.3702
Ref: P1.3696
Wylie & lochhead Glasgow . 1950s Dressing Table
Ref: P1.3672
Queen Anne style chair in purple with matching cushion seat…
Ref: ron-admin.3613
Terracotta Warrior figure – ‘Seated Archer’…
Ref: ron-admin.3606
Rare Mendlesham High Back chair with crinoline stretcher and walnut seat featuring a bespoke carving to the underside of the seat…
Ref: ron-admin.3431
Indian Chief Bust
Ref: P1.3428
Edwardian Dressing table
Ref: P1.3422
Unusual / unique vintage multi-frame bevel edged mirror…
Ref: ron-admin.3226