A beautiful handmade and bespoke Mendlesham high back chair…

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This is a beautifully handcrafted Mendlesham high back chair with some very special features. It was made by Andrew Smith of "Trees reincarnated" Dinnington, Suffolk. The chair bears his makers mark and is dated 2003. The seat is made in one piece from elm; the chair has a crinoline stretcher and is the 15th chair made. To make this piece unique it has two special carvings. On the front there can be clearly seen a Kangaroo! On the underside of the seat is an intricate and beautiful carving of a typical bygone Suffolk scene of farmer, horses and plough in the field. The Queen and Prince Phillip own one of these Mendlesham high back chairs each, so, why not purchase not only a wonderful chair but join an elite set of owners!

Excellent condition.