A fantastic, decorative and functional pine multi-storage blanket style box…

Ref: P9.6352

This is a fantastic, bespoke pine storage box. When you lift up the lid to what appears to be a blanket box you discover, at first, two internal storage trays. As you lift these out you find another layer - two more, slightly deeper trays. take these two out and you find another two - six so far! Lift out these two and there are two more, each layer the trays get deeper! In all there are eight (8) internal storage trays all superbly constructed with beautiful joint work.

Excellent condition.


This could be a straightforward storage solution. It could be a fantastic toy storage box with secret compartments! It could be a toolbox or craft box. It could have a glass top fitted and become a great coffee table with internal storage. The possibilities are endless! The price reflects the uniqueness and bespoke nature of this fantastic and rare piece. Don't hesitate because it will sell quickly!